Puppy Injections

Have you been been wondering about puppy injections and when you can let your puppy go out?  Before you have your German Shepherd vaccinated, you’ll want to know about puppy injections side effects, the injections schedule, and the cost.

Here’s some helpful information that will guide you as you begin taking care of canine vaccinations.

Potential Puppy Injections Side Effects

In general, puppy injections and vaccinations are very safe for dogs. However, a few potential puppy injections side effects can occur. After your puppy has injections, mild reactions may occur, such as loss of appetite, soreness at the site of injection, and fever. Usually these minor side effects will be gone in just 24 hours and they rarely require treatment.

A moderate side effect that can occur is uticaria, which may appear as redness around the neck, eyes and lips, swelling and hives. This is a common reaction, but you should see your vet quickly if this problem occurs after your puppy’s vaccinations. In very rare cases, anaphylaxis occurs, which may cause breathing difficulties. While this problem is life threatening, it rarely occurs.


Puppy Injections Schedule

If you’re not sure when your puppy should have his injections, here’s a general puppy injections schedule that you can follow.

6-8 Weeks Old – At this visit, your puppy should have a DHPP vaccination, which keeps your German Shepherd puppy protected from common diseases, such as hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and canine distemper.


9-12 Weeks Old – This visit should include another DHPP vaccination, and in some cases, you may want to have your dog vaccinated for Lyme disease, kennel cough, coronavirus and leptospirosis. Talk to your vet about your puppy’s risk for these problems and decide which optional vaccinations your puppy may need.


13-16 Weeks Old – Usually another DHPP is given at this point, as well as any other recommended vaccinations. At this point, your puppy should have his first rabies shot.


1 Year + – About a year after your puppy’s first injections, he will get the DHPP vaccination again, another rabies shot, and boosters for any other necessary shots. Your dog will continue to need shots every 1-3 years, depending on local laws.


Puppy Injections Cost

The cost of puppy injections can vary, depending on your vet and the vaccinations your puppy needs. Expect to pay $50-150 in the first year, and about $20-100 each year after that.



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  1. I had no idea what kind of puppy injections where needed when I adopted my first dog. I went to the vet and he said we should give her all the shots just to make sure nothing bad happens. Thank God nothing happened! She is feeling great now and she’s already 3 years of age. When I got her she was 3 months old. I didn’t know about that 1-3 years shot rule. I just take her for shots early just to stay safe.

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