Puppy House Training Tips

How exciting! Your new puppy is coming! Now is a good time to prepare for a smooth homecoming. House training is going to be the first major hurdle for any dog owner especially for a first timer. If you start, even with only basic knowledge and a positive attitude though, it’s far easier and less stressful than people would have you believe.

The New Arrival

Take him out side the minute you arrive home. An exciting car journey, unfamiliar faces, lots of noise and attention will have him needing to go and if you can engineer the first toilet to be outside, rather than inside, so much the better. The less you pup relieves himself inside the less likely he is to continue.

Homecoming is a great opportunity to set the ground rules of toilet behaviour.

  • Take him over to the designated toilet area and put him on the grass.

  • Let him sniff around – don’t pat him or distract him, now is a chance to learn that this part of the garden is only for toilet activities.

  • Have a phrase ready to use when he starts to pee, something like “Go Wee” or “Potty”, keep it short so he will remember it readily.

  • When he’s done Praise, Pat and Reward

Have your indoor toilet training plan in place, before your pup arrives.

Learn How to Train your German Shepherd to stop barkingWill you Paper Train? Or Crate Train?

Generally speaking Crate Training is the quicker and easier method of house breaking for a young puppy.

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