Do German Shepherds Shed?

Many people wonder do German Shepherds shed a winter coat or do they shed all year? Actually, the answer to the question, is a resounding, “Yes!” These dogs shed all year long. Here’s a look at their coat, when they shed most and the importance of regular grooming.

Different Types of CoatWhen your German Shepherd sheds be ready for extra grooming.

First, it’s important to realize that these dogs can have different types of coats. They can have long hair or short hair, although short hair is the more common type of coat. Dogs with the short coats have a double coat, while long coats can come with or without the undercoat. Surprisingly, the long haired  often shed less than the dogs with short hair.

When Do They Shed the Most?

Actually, while these dogs shed all year, they lose their entire coat twice a year. In the spring and the fall. They shed their coats in the spring because they are getting rid of the winter coat. In the fall, they blow their entire coat because the coat is changing to the thick, winter coat.

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The Importance of Regular Grooming

Since German Shepherds shed all year long, they need to be brushed regularly. Short haired dogs need a  brush  3-5 times a week. Long haired dogs don’t shed quite as much, but you do need to brush and comb them more often because the longer coat is more likely to tangle or knot. However, when they blow their coat twice each year, make sure that they are brushed every day. You’ll find  an undercoat rake useful during this time.


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