German Shepherd Training

Training your new German Shepherd is important, and you should start as soon as you bring your new dog home. Of course, it’s important to know what you’re doing before you begin.

Benefits of Training Your German Shepherd

Why should you train your dog? Here are a few of the main benefits of training:

  • Offers physical and mental activity for your dog.
  • Builds a bond between you and your German Shepherd.
  • Ensures you correct nuisance behaviors, such as excessive barking, chewing, digging, jumping, etc.
  • Helps you make sure your dog is happy and safe.

Training Your Puppy

If you get a German Shepherd while it’s still a puppy, you need to begin training right away. The sooner you start training and socializing your puppy, the better results you’ll enjoy. You’ll need to begin potty training your puppy right away, but since puppies have a harder time controlling their bladders, they’ll need to be taken out at least every two hours. You’ll also want to start training your puppy with some basic commands.
German Shepherd Training tips

Important Basic Training Commands

Start training your dog with basic commands. After your dog learns basic commands and basic obedience, then you can move on to higher levels of training if you desire. Here are some of the most important training commands that your dog should know.

  • Look – Ensures your dog pays attention to you, even if distractions are present.
  • Sit – One of the first commands you should teach your dog and it’s essential for preventing unwanted behaviors.
  • Drop It – This command can save your dog’s life by ensuring he drops anything he has picked up in his mouth when you give this command. It can also help you keep your dog from chewing on things he shouldn’t.
  • Lie Down – This command is useful for preventing unwanted behaviors as well, and it’s also a great building block for other commands.
  • Come – In the event your dog gets off his leash or out of the yard, this command will ensure he comes to you right away.
  • Stay – You can use this command to keep your dog from moving, saving his life or keeping him out of the way when needed.

Training Tips to Remember

No matter what type of training you are doing with your German Shepherd, you’ll need to follow some helpful tips. The following are some essential  training tips to remember, whether you’re potty training a puppy, teaching your dog basic obedience commands or engaging in agility training.

  •  Make sure training sessions are kept short so your dog doesn’t get bored.
  •  Reward your dog, praising him when he performs well.
  •  Try to do a little training every day. This keeps your dog from forgetting what he’s  already learned.
  •  Keep training fun to prevent boredom.
  •  If reprimands are needed, keep them immediate, sharp and short.

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