How to Train your German Shepherd Puppy

When training a puppy, remember is still a baby and so excitable and prone to wet itself. When should you start training your german shepherd puppy?Keeping it relaxed during training will help avoid floor wetting, which can happen when your puppy is afraid of punishment or excited about a reward. For successful dog training, positive reinforcement and positive punishment must balance.

When your puppy has done something wrong, gently but firmly reprimand immediately after the if at all possible. Telling the dog that what it has done a few hours – or even a few minutes– ago was bad is pointless because a dog does not have the same memory as humans and it would have forgotten its bad deed, your German Shepherd will only be confused.

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It also pays to be patient with the German Shepherd. Many dogs are unable to learn a command the first time it may be necessary to repeat the commands many times until; you have a successful outcome.

General Training Phases

Ideally, training must come in phases. If you attempt to teach your dog house training for example, before crate training, the results may disappoint. The following phases of training are suggested:

  • Crate training starting at 2 to 3 months. This gives your pup a safe and secure den that he can go to and know he can relax. Your puppy won’t like the restriction of his movements at first but it will soon realize that the crate is its own special place.
  • Don’t hesitate to use crate training. It is not cruel to put your pet inside a crate where it will be left alone while you are busy elsewhere. But it is not a good idea to use the crate in german shepherd training as punishment. This will mean the dog will view the crate with negative feelings and you will defeat your purpose.
  • Housebreaking can start at the same time as crate training. The crate will be an important piece of equipment in housebreaking especially in potty training. You should not expect immediate results, but start housebreaking as soon as your puppy comes home.
  • Training your dog to accept you as the leader of the pack, (known as respect training) is very important. Conquering negative behaviors like barking, biting or chewing are easily fixed when the dog knows who is the boss


German Shepherd Puppies – Training — 3 Comments

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  2. I wonder when puppy training should be started. I have a 1 month German Shepherd but I think he might still not be ready for training. Should I start now or wait 1-2 more months? Maybe I could start with easy things like sitting down. He is very smart and seems to be picking up things even at this early age and that’s why I don’t know what to do. Maybe it would be a good idea to train him right away. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    • The sooner you start training the better! Your puppy needs to know who is the boss right from the start. It is always easier to teach good habits than to break bad habits.

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