German Shepherd Barking

In general, German Shepherds aren’t considered a barky breed. However, in some cases, barking can become a problem, such as barking at night. No one wants to live with a dog barking loudly all the time. On the positive side, the bark of these dogs makes a great security system. The barking often deters unwanted visitors and can alert you of trouble.

However, if barking at strangers or other dogs becomes a problem, it’s time to do something about it.

Reasons Dogs Bark

The first thing you need to do is to figure out why your German Shepherd is barking. There are several reasons that barking may become a problem for this breed. The following are common reasons that your dog could have a barking problem.

  •  Your Dog Needs More Exercise – German Shepherds need lots of exercise, and if they aren’t getting enough, they may start barking regularly. If barking has become a problem, try making sure that your dog gets more exercise.
  •  Your Dog is Bored – This breed needs plenty of mental stimulation because they are so intelligent. If you think this is the problem, start adding more mental stimulation to your dog’s routine, such as games of fetch or some advanced training.
  • Your Dog Wants Attention – Your dog could just want some attention, and even bad attention seems good if they are lonely. Try to avoid leaving your dog alone for long periods to avoid this problem.
  • Your Dog is Responding to Another Dog – Sometimes barking at other dogs becomes a problem if a new dog comes into your dog’s territory. This is particularly a problem if you have recently moved to a new area.

Learn How to Train your German Shepherd to stop barkingTips for Stopping the Problem

If you want to stop barking at night, the most important thing you can do is to figure out the reason for the barking and deal with the specific reason. However, there are a few other tips you can use to help stop this problem.

  •  Never Reward the Barking Behavior – Dogs often bark to get what they want, so you should never reward this behavior with food, attention or other rewards. It’s best to ignore the barking so your dog doesn’t begin to think that barking is a new way to communicate with you.
  • Train Your Dog with a “Quiet” Command – Add the “Quiet” command to your training routine. It will take some work, but with a lot of praise and some hard work together, you can use this command to deal with the barking problem.
  •  Let Your Dog Bark a Bit – Dogs bark, so allow your dog to bark from time to time. However, when your dog responds to the quiet command, make sure you reward him.


German Shepherd Barking — 4 Comments

  1. If only I knew how to stop my dog barking! It’s driving me insane sometimes when he starts barking in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Sometimes I can hear other dogs barking and maybe that’s what sets him off but other times nothing. He scares us while we are sleeping because he has a very loud bark. I think I will have to hire a dog trainer to try to calm him and maybe he will let us sleep at night.

    • You should be able to train your dog not to bark yourself. Dogs will bark for many reasons (see How to Deal with Barking Dogs) Do you know WHY your dog barks? He may scare you with his loud bark but I bet the neighbours are more annoyed than scared! You should deal with this problem as soon as possible

  2. I am house sitting where there is a German Shepherd dog. She barks so often during the night after I have gone to bed. She normally sleeps in the lounge room and is able to go out the doggy door. Do you have any ideas of what I can do? I am not getting the sleep I need as I am 70yrs old

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