Why Your Dog Chews Your Stuff

To chew or not to chew? It depends on the personality of your dog: some don’t seem to feel the need to chew while other have a built in desire to chew just for the sake of it and of course, there is chewing from sheer boredom.

Saying “destructive chewing” may sound silly – after all, any chewing is destructive. With strong jaws full of sharp, pointy teeth: just about anything your dog decides to chew on is probably going to look the worst for wear pretty quickly. So to be clear, when I say “destructive chewing”, I mean the kind of chewing that causes damage to possessions and household items, not your dog’s toys or chew things.

Three main reasons dogs chew:

  1. It’s fun! Dogs have a natural desire to chew, it passes the time, it’s rewarding, and it may even taste good. OK that may not be the reason she chews your couch!
  2. Think of it as the doggie equivalent of comfort food. Chewing provides an emotional outlet for a nervous, bored, or lonely dog.
  3. Under exercised dogs often chew as a way of burning up energy and to escape boredom.

How to Train your German Shepherd to stop chewing

Keep a positive attitude:

It’s important to have realistic expectations. You’re not perfect, nor is your dog: chances are at least one cherished item is going to be damaged by her curiosity.

During the early part of your relationship, when she’s still learning the ropes:she won’t be completely reliable, if she’s left by herself for too long or feels neglected, expect some back sliding. She needs time to learn the rules, ( and plenty of ‘you-time’ will help her learn faster ) but you still need to take precautions and keep your precious things out of reach until she’s got the hang of the chewing rules!

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