Black German Shepherds

Solid black, all-black, pure black, black patent, or pitch-black? Whatever you call  it the facts about the BLACK German Shepherd hold some fascinating insights.These wonderful dogs can provide you with companionship, security, loyalty and love. They fit into your family beautifully fitting with kids and your other pets.

If you have already have a pup at home or soon will have, make sure you provide a healthy environment suitable to his needs. He will need a comfortable bed, room to exercise outdoors, clean bowls for food and water, a space to call his own where he can go for time out. A large crate that can be closed is ideal, this will also be use for potty training. Plenty of chew toys are, of course, a must.

Black German Shepherd Genetics

Commonly people mistake a German Shepherd with a solid dark color coat as a cross breed or other dog breed. There distinct variations when comparing to the standard German Shepherd.

The gene that determines a black coat can either be dominant or recessive. This means a dog that is not all black can produce solid black pups. An all-black German Shepherd may have both the dominant gene and the recessive gene, whereas German Shepherds of others color may have only the recessive black coat gene. If you are interested in breeding you should inquire about your dog’s ancestry and blood line.

Because the preferred coat is tan and black German Shepherd club functionaries around world have tried to get retired all solid black breeding stock where a dominant black coat gene was suspected!

Learn How to Train your German Shepherd to stop barkingA German Shepherd’s coat color can be determined as early as seven to eight weeks of age.

Although GSD pups are born black or grey or white. The dog’s ultimate coat color cannot be safely determined before age 6 weeks the earliest.

While Black German Shepherds are known to have a 12 to 15 year life expectancy common hereditary diseases of German Shepherds such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia , Degenerative Myelopathy, Digestive Disorder, and Arthritis, the all-black German Shepherd shows no difference to the more common tan and black German Shepherd (or indeed the white German Shepherd).

Most of the time hip dysplasia is hereditary and there is nothing that you as a dog owner could have done to prevent it. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. The veterinarian will advise you of how best to care for your pet. A health plan may include changes in diet, weight management, massage, joint supplements, prescription pain-reliever. Surgical options, even hip replacement are not unknown these days.

Appearance of the Black German Shepherd

Any Physical Differences?

In general, the black German Shepherd has not been bred to exhibit the slouch back, thus it is relatively easy to secure a dog with astraight back.

Facial features of the black German Shepherd are typically the same as those of a tan and black showing a more rounded/smooth face, compared to the early white German Shepherd.

It is often said thought that black German Shepherds are slimmer, and taller. However, no hard evidence has been presented to prove this.

The Black German Shepherd has a straighter back and is larger than the standard German Shepherd. The coat can differ in length from short to long and may be feathered, flowing or skirting.

Black German Shepherd Temperament

Not usually aggressive the Black German Shepherd needs attention and time with their companion or family. Although approachable and easy-going with people he knows, he may take time to make friends with strangers. Not only are they great guard dogs they are also perfect candidates to work as service dogs for the blind, deaf the handicapped.

Temperament Differences?

Some people maintain Black German Shepherds are more family-oriented, more balanced and calmer. However, again there is no real evidence. Your dog’s temperament depends more so on your, training, exercise, and feeding than on pedigree, coat color really isn’t a factor.

The appearance of a any German Shepherd may scare some strangers, but in reality they  have a stable and pleasant temperament. Loyal and watchful they willingly watch over their family. If danger should present itself to you or your family your faithful pet will protect you at all costs and will rarely back down from a threat.


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  1. I love the black German Shepherd and always wanted one ever since I was a kid. I am now planning to adopt one if I can find one in shelters or from someone that may not be able to take care of it anymore. Age is of no importance, I just want to save a life if possible. I’m now moving from my old apartment to a house and I will have plenty of room for him/her to run and play as he likes.

    • Good luck! I love hearing about rescue dogs going to a good home. Most people want a puppy so you may have a good choice at the pound.

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