Are German Shepherds Good with Kids and Other Pets?

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that are often used for seeing eye dogs and K-9 police dogs. However, you may be wondering if you should choose one as a family pet. Is this breed good with kids and cats, and do they get along with other types of pets? Before you make your decision, here’s some helpful information to guide you.

TemperamentAre German Shepherds Good with Kids?

The German Shepherd temperament is not intended to be aggressive, although these dogs do have a protective instinct. In fact, when defending their owners, they are often fearless. While these dogs generally love being around their family, they may be wary of strangers in some cases.

Unfortunately, indiscriminate breeding has resulted in a variety of different  temperaments, so if you’re wondering about how well these dogs react with kids, you need to pick a dog carefully. If you’re a family with kids, you need to choose dogs from a good line to avoid a dog with a skittish, hyperactive or aggressive temperament.

German Shepherds and Kids

It depends. If you have a well-bred dog, they are more likely to get along with kids. In fact, they will probably be great protectors of your children. However, you do have to consider the size and strength of these dogs. They are large and strong when they become adults, so they should always be supervised around small children. These dogs are known for being intelligent and smart, so they can make a great family pet, even for individuals who have kids.

Other Pets

Are they good dogs to have if you have cats or other pets? These dogs are known to chase cats in some cases. However, if you raise a German Shepherd puppy with a kitten, they’ll probably grow up to get along. You will need to train them to get along with each other. When it comes to other dogs, this breed is known to show aggression towards other dogs, but you may be able to train this reaction out of your dog.

The Importance of Training and Socialization

Of course, when you ask the question, “Are German Shepherds good with kids and cats?” you need to remember that training and socialization makes a huge difference. If you socialize a young puppy with kids, he’s more likely to be a great dog for kids. Good training, regular exercise and mental stimulation also helps ensure that your new dog is great with your kids.


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