Are German Shepherds Easy to Train?

German Shepherds are smart, loyal dogs, and they excel in many different types of training. However, these dogs like to think on their own because they have been bred to be effective, efficient workers. Often the first question is: “Are German Shepherds easy to potty train and obedience train?” Here’s a closer look at some information you’ll find helpful.

Are German Shepherd Puppies Easy to Train?

When you’re raising a German Shepherd, you’ll definitely want to know if these dogs are easy to train. Many people think that these dogs are easy to train, but they do require quite a bit of discipline because they have such active minds. Both the mind and body of these dogs must be stimulated, so training can be a bit of a job. However, if you are consistent with your training, you will probably be successful because his temperament is one that wants to please, so start the puppy’s training in the right way.

When to Start Training a  Puppy

When should you start training your  puppy? As soon as you get him home. Not only should you train your puppy right away, but you need to socialize your puppy right away as well. The earlier you begin training, the more success you will have. Training early helps make sure that your dog doesn’t fall into any bad habits that will be difficult to train out in the future.

How to Train a  Puppy

If you’re wondering how to begin training your  puppy, here are some helpful training tips to use for your new puppy.

  • Start with the Daily Routines – The first thing you need to do is start teaching the puppy about his daily routines. Teach him where he sleeps, where his food and water is, when he eats, where he goes to the bathroom, where his toys are and when he goes to bed. All these basic routines are important and set a good foundation for future training.
  • Start Teaching Some Words – When your puppy is a couple months old, you need to begin teaching him some basic words, such as words of praise and words for correction. “NO” is an important word to teach your puppy so you teach him to stop what he’s doing. “Good” is a great word of praise.
  • Don’t Use Treats All the Time – Treats are great for your dog, but they shouldn’t be relied on as a way to train your dog. If your dog decides he wants something else more than a treat, he may start disobeying you. Treats can be wonderful motivators, but you cannot rely on treats as a method of training your puppy.
  • Train Your Puppy to Respect You – One of the most important lessons to teach your puppy is to respect you. Start training your puppy in respect early and you’ll find it easier to continue training your puppy.


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  1. I had no idea how to train a puppy back when I got my first dog. Instead of socializing him right away like you said I kept him hidden away in my apartment because I feared losing him! It was stupid of me, I know now but back then it seemed like the best way to do things. I’m never doing this again because my dog is now scared to interact with other dogs and he keeps wanting me to hold him.

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