Are Black German Shepherds Good with Children?

Black German Shepherds are extremely good with children.

Allow your pup to spend plenty of time with your children (under supervision) when they first meet. Once they bond you will find that your German Shepherd will become your childrens’ best friend, playmate, babysitter and protector. Although German Shepherds are usually gentle around children, like any dog he may not realise how much bigger he is and accidents will happen. Supervisions is as much for your dog’s happiness as the kids. Black German Shepherds get along with other pets in the house including cats and other dogs. Slow and gradual introductions will give the best outcome.


Early socialization is important for all puppies.

Allowing your puppy to get use to a variety of different people, experiences, sounds, smells and places will teach him how to behave in any given situation. Early training will ensure this behavior throughout his lifetime. Introduce your pup to family and friends as soon as you bring him home. Take him for walks around the neighborhood so he can get to know the neighbours dogs. If you have a dog park that you plan to take him to when he is older, it is a good idea to have a slow introduction: allow him to watch the other dogs at first and build up the freedom to play with the other dogs.

If you have adopted an older Black German Shepherd it is wise to socialize him slowly. It is wiser to socialize an adopted dog more slowly. He may have had a negative experience in his previous home, with people as well as other dogs. Introduce your family first before inviting guests over one by one.

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