Albino German Shepherds

White German Shepherds generally have the same temperament and characteristics as dogs of other colors. However, a white or albino German Shepherd cannot be shown in confirmation competitions. Keep in mind, they still can make great pets, even if they can’t be shown in certain competitions. Although some people think these dogs are a separate breed, they are not.

White vs. Albino

Many people think that a white German Shepherd is an albino. However, albinism actually causes the eyes to look red or pink, and white German Shepherds don’t have pink or red eyes. While it is possible for albinism to occur among this breed it’s extremely rare.

Albino  Price

Since albinos rarely exist, you’re probably considering a white dog. White Shepherds are rarer than the other colors, so in many cases, you will find that they tend to be a bit more expensive. However, if your heart is set on a white coat, you may find it well worth paying a bit more money to purchase the dog you want.

Finding Albino Puppies

If you’re looking for white  puppies, you’ll find that they are harder to find. There aren’t as many of them, so finding one can be difficult. Make sure that you only buy from good breeders even if you have to wait a long time until one is available. You want a puppy that has been socialized, and you also want a puppy that has already had a health screening.

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